BeerDEcoded: Test flongle and sequencing protocol

Oktober, 27nd, 2019

On the 27nd of February we tested the new flongle nanopore flowcell to see if we can substitute the more accurate but also more expensive nanopore flowcell with the flongle. The second aim of our internal workshop was to test the new sequencing protocol and see if members of the group, who did not perform the DNA sequencing until now could follow the protocol easily. We could identify some weak spots in the protocol, which could have let to the low amount of sequenced read outcome on this day. To rule out any issues of the sequenced probe or the newly used flongle we repeated the sequencing with more experienced people. Both experiences helped us to impove not only the protocol but also identify operational issues which a person without lab experience could face.

The pictures by Bérénice Batut are licensed under CC-BY-SA.