BeerDEcoded: New DNA extraction protocol trial

September, 27nd, 2019

On the 27nd of September we tested a new DNA extraction protocol for the BeerDEcoded project. Our intention was to simplify the yeast DNA extraction steps, so it is easier for people without lab experience to follow the steps of the extraction protocol. Initially the DNA isolation was performed with two crucial washing steps. Frist we let the DNA bind to some beads and second a column washing step was performed. In the new protocol we do simplfiy this step by preparing the cells differently so we can only wash using alcohol to remove the DNA from unwanted substances. The extraction itself was performed by two members without lab experience of the Street Science Community with the guidence of our very helpful lab expert Martina. We extracted the yeast DNA from 3 beer bottles and the results where convincing enough to change the protocol to the easier and more understandable new one.

The pictures by Bérénice Batut are licensed under CC-BY-SA.