"Beer is alive", our talk at Pint of Science

May, 20th, 2019

Pint of Science brings scientists to discuss their latest research with you. During May 20-22 2019, thousands of researchers across 400 cities and 24 countries shared their discoveries with the public in their local pub, bar or cafe.

We think this type of event are useful. It is important to communicate research and science in an understandable language so that people comprehend what is being researched and what taxpayers’ money is being spent on. Teresa and Bérénice gave a talk for the local event on the most popular drink of the evening: beer.

With “Beer is alive”, they explain what DNA sequencing & microbiota are, what they are used for and how it influences daily life. They also presented the Street Science Community project and got nice feedback.

Want to know the content? The slides of the presentation are online

Before the event, the public relations of the university interviewed and took picture of them. The full interview can be found online.

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